We are proud to announce that we have signed a collaboration agreement with the Australian company Ondek®.


Press Release:

3P Biopharmaceuticals, a leading European CDMO specialized in the process development and GMP manufacturing of biologics, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Australian company Ondek®, a biotechnology company developing natural immune modulatory products, for the production of an innovative immunotherapy based on the Helicobacter pylori organism.

The agreement will allow Ondek to transfer its proprietary technology to the production site of 3P Biopharmaceuticals. 3P has large experience in microbial production and will perform the scale up and non-GMP manufacture under anaerobic conditions of the H.pylori product that will be used for preclinical studies.

3P Biopharmaceuticals reaffirms its expertise in the process development and manufacturing of biologic drugs at all stages of development.

About Ondek’s Technology

Ondek® is developing and patenting natural derivatives of H. pylori that are non-viable and retain immune regulatory activity, without the risks normally associated with H. pylori chronic infection. This technology harnesses the bacterium’s unique immune regulatory properties for the development of products that will be orally administered for improved management of allergic indications, and potentially other chronic inflammatory, diseases.

About 3P Biopharmaceuticals

3P Biopharmaceuticals is a leading European CDMO specialized in the process development and GMP manufacturing of biologics and cell therapy products. 3P offers its customers solutions at all stages of bio drug development: from initial research, preclinical and clinical phases to commercial phases. Its extensive experience in projects covering all stages of the process development and manufacturing in three different expression systems (mammalian, bacterial and yeasts), its flexibility and adaptation with its innovative technology and its vast human capital have made it a reference for the European market. http://www.3pbio.com/

About Ondek

Ondek Pty Ltd is an Australian biotechnology company developing immune modulatory products based on the naturally occurring bacterium H. pylori, to restore balance to the human immune system. Ondek® will initially develop its immune regulatory products for allergy indications. The target indication is childhood eczema and subsequent products will be developed for the treatment of other chronic inflammatory diseases. Ondek® was founded by Professor Barry Marshall, a world authority and co-discoverer of the Helicobacter pylori organism and co-recipient of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology. http://www.ondek.com