3P Biopharmaceuticals attended last week a commercial mission in Puerto Rico

3P Biopharmaceuticals keeps firm in its commitment to consolidate in the U.S. market. Last week, Dámaso Molero, general manager, attended a commercial mission in Puerto Rico. The mission has been dubbed “Puerto Rico: Gateway to the U.S. market of biotechnology” and is part of the efforts of expansion and growth that promotes local executive.

The event program included partnering with local companies, meetings with local authorities and representatives of various biotech incubators, and a visit to Amgen’s facilities, MCC (Material Characterization Center) and Molecular Sciences Building. The Spanish participants also had the chance to meet international companies like Merck, Amgen, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and others.

12 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide operate in Puerto Rico, plus produced 7 of the 10 top selling biopharmaceuticals, according to the Pridco. The sector bioscience industries employing 35,000 workers in Puerto Rico, a territory for decades concentrated major pharmaceutical plants of EEU.UU. because of investment incentives and the high qualification of their professionals.