3P Biopharmaceutical has increased its development capabilities with the addition of two new areas: process development and analytical methods. The company has invested 630,000€ in the refurbishment of part of its installations  and the acquisition of new technology and equipment.

With this new expansion, the area of process development and analytical methods now has an area of ​​185m2, distributed in rooms for molecular biology, bioassays, physical and chemical analysis, a wet lab, a buffer preparation area and media development lab, a lab for microbial USP development in mammalian cells, and a lab for the overall development of DSP.

One of the pieces of purchased equipment was the AMBR, a micro-scale bioreactor for cell line development and the selection of media and cell culture strategies enabling greater productivity and cost reduction in material. Another piece of equipment acquired by the company is the Octe Qke, a platform for the quantitative analysis of proteins that simplifies the analytical workflow so that it does not suffer the effects of cell debris.

Chromatographic analytical capacity has been increased by the addition of four new HPLCs, which offer greater capacity for analytical development and sample analysis.  3P offers a wide range of analytical methods:  potentiometric methods, Spectrophotometric techniques, High resolution liquid chromotography (RP-HPLC, SEC-HPLC …), HCP Determination, Endotoxin Determination, Quantification of DNA by Q-PCR; Activity assays (WB, ELISA, etc …), bioassays, Isoelectric focusing and SDS-PAGE, and  Microbiological contamination (Bioburden).