Last wednesday, Dámaso Molero, Our General Manager, participated in a session about competitiveness through talent organized by Adecco-APD and AIN (The Navarre Industry Association).

More than 70 HR managers and directors from different Navarra´s companies met in a special session to discuss issues linked to talent development, creative skills and entrepreneurial mindsets in our region.

Lourdes Goicoechea, Navarra´s vice president and councilor of Economy and Treasury, said that companies with greater growth potential are those with skilled and motivated employees.



What about talent in 3P?

We are currently 110 employees:

60 % of our team are graduate scientists

54 % PhDs and/or Masters

Multidisciplinary team:

– Pharmacists

– Biologists

– Chemists

– Engineers

3PBiopharmaceuticals is not only about biotech and pharma industry but also about human. Human resources are the most important asset of our company. In addition to high caliber and professional qualifications, it is the human qualities of the people that make 3P the best possible environment to work for our customers, suppliers and technology partners.


Part of our team in a team building activity


More info about the session (Spanish):