3P Biopharmaceuticals benefits from the support of important institutions, technological and financial partners.
We are an integral part of a privileged environment within the field of biosciences in Navarra, Spain. 3P Biopharmaceuticals maintains close ties with the University of Navarra and its different Departments and research centers such as the Centre for Applied Medical Research of Navarra and with relevant biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies.

The cooperation with these partners enables 3P Biopharmaceuticals to develop cutting edge technology and offer comprehensive services of great added value in the development of proteins and other biological molecules.

In addition, the company relies on the active participation and support from the institutions linked to the Government of Navarra, such as SODENA.


The company emerged in 2006 as a result of the favorable evolution of CIMA (Centre for Applied Medical Research), Digna project (biotechnological company that develops new drugs from CIMA) and as a business opportunity in Spain since there were no companies that offer recombinant proteins, products of cell therapy and gene therapy.

SODENA, as a partner developer, has worked with technology partners in this project since April 2005 to consolidate Navarra as a leading biomedical region. This effort must be added the other entities as Digna Biotech, CIMA, University of Navarra, Public University of Navarra, Cinfa, Idifarma and ANAIN.


Idea formulation.
Creation of 3P.
Conceptual design Preliminary business plan.

First hiring.
Permanent Business plan.
Building layout.
Building construction starts.

Office reception.
End of construction.
Laboratory manufacturing starts.
First Monoclonal project.
Plant’s inauguration by Science and Innovation’s Minister Ms. Cristina Garmendia and the President of the Government of Navarra, Mr. Miguel Sanz.
Certified GMP by the AEMPS (The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices).
Presented with Biosafety level II certificate, by the Government of Navarra.

Pharmaceutical laboratory authorization by AEMPS (The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices).

First Biosimilar Project

First Multinational contract

GMP certified by AEMPS (Spanish Medicines and Sanitary Products Agency) for Advanced Therapies Medicinal Product
3P Biopharmaceuticals increases its capital by 6M€

Innovation Award by The Navarra Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

CIR renewal
Public agreement with NEOVACS

10th Anniversary
Public agreement with ONDEK
Public agreement with INTERVACC
Award: COF Navarra 2017 by the Official College of Pharmacists of Navarre

Investment Partners

Infarco, a Spanish capital company, is the parent company of Cinfa Laboratories, the group’s flagship company, and the laboratory with the greatest presence in Spanish households. It also owns Cinfa Laboratories Korea, Cinfa Biotech and Cyndea Pharma, in addition to holding a majority stake in 3P Biopharmaceuticals and a minority stake in Idén Biotechnology.

Since its founding 50 years ago, Infarco has grown to establish itself as a business group that spans multiple areas of business.

At present, Infarco provides jobs for 1,100 people and reinvests 90% of its benefits in the group’s businesses, promoting their innovation and development.

Recently, as part of its strategy of diversification and internationalization, Infarco has entered the field of biotechnology through two business operations: the implementation of the biotechnology company, Cinfa Biotech, and the acquisition of a 51% stake in 3P Biopharmaceuticals.