Pharma Market, one of the most widely read Pharma magazines in Spain, has interviewed our General Manager, Dámaso Molero.


Pharma Market wants to be a point of reference and encounter for Pharma managers and directors.

Through this interview, Dámaso makes a review of these years: what is the key to success and the strategist to still growing and expand the company.

3PBiopharmaceuticals has had an exponential growth in part understood because of the team confidence and implication. Currently, a team of 110 employees who is the result of combine master and PhD with high specialized laboratory technician.

“We were born with an international spirit and the capability to listen and learn from the market and our clients” Maybe this is a reason for the success of the Biopharmaceutical who wants to growth around a 25% this year.

Following the strategic plan 3P Biopharmaceuticals has design to next years, they are adapting their facilities to new market needs; reduce development costs and the aiming of achieve more efficient manufacturing processes.

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