The company, held by Infarco, Cinfa´s parent company, has invested 2.4 million euros and expanded its workforce by about twenty employees this year.

The President of Navarra, Yolanda Barcina, learnt this last Monday 22nd of December the investment plan of the biopharmaceuticals company, 3P Biopharmaceuticals. Last summer, Infarco, the parent company of Cinfa, became 3P Biopharmaceuticals’ main shareholder with a 6 million euros investment.

The company is engaged in the process development and production of biotech drugs and vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars and cellular therapy products.

As the President has discovered, the company based in Noáin, has invested this year 2.4 million euros in the acquisition of new technologies and equipment, to be able to double the analytical capabilities of the company, as well as hiring twenty employees, which makes the total workforce close to a hundred.

Focused on the international market

The company estimates a turnover of about 7 million euros this year. This is 55% more than 2013 when sales were about 4.5 million euros. The estimation for 2015 is 8.5 million euros.

More than 60% of its current projects are from the international market. Thus, it counts among its clients some 20 biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, USA, France, Italy, Mexico, Norway, UK and Switzerland.

During the visit, the President was accompanied by the Minister of Economy, Finance, Industry and Employment, Lourdes Goicoechea, and the managing director of the public company Sodena, Carlos Fernández. Furthermore, the president of Infarco, Enrique Ordieres, and its CEO, Javier del Río, also attended the visit; as well as 3P Biopharmaceuticals CEO, Damaso Molero, and its management board.