3P Biopharmaceuticals S.L., coordinator of the project “Development of a new advanced therapy medicine for the treatment of Vitiligo” (VITÍLIGO), states: the development of this project required the help of some services of CIBER-BBN’s Biomedicine Platform, specifically with the group of Characterization of Biologic Tissues and Scaffolding Tissues (U. Zaragoza), the Process and Nanostructurization of Biomaterial Molecules (ICMAB-CSIC), and the services of the Confocal Microscopy group (U. Alcalá de Henares). The University of Navarra Clinic participated in this project, collaborating with the know-how that they have acquired during the last few years and its increased experience in this research area. VITÍLIGO seeks to develop and produce a novel bioengineering product for the treatment of Vitiligo, a disease characterized coetaneous disorder from damage or loss of melanocytes (cells producers of melanin and causes of pigmentation).